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Overview of Services

The Proteomics and Protein Biomarkers Cores at UTSA are focused on capillary liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC/MS) and -tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS), to identify, characterize, and quantify proteins. The Proteomics Core develops novel methods, while the Protein Biomarkers Core applies these methods to discover and validate novel protein biomarkers of disease. Highly specific and sensitive protein biomarkers offer profound health care benefits for diagnosis and treatment, including understanding and reducing health disparities in minority populations. Moreover, protein biomarkers are promising therapeutic targets for new drugs.

Contact Information

University of Texas at San Antonio
One UTSA Circle
Biotechnology, Sciences and Engineering Building
Room 3.108A & BSE 0.112

Hours of Operation

9:00am - 5:00pm

Core Acknowledgment Policies

If you obtain data for your manuscript from use of or with the Proteomics & Protein Biomarkers Core, please use the following examples to help format your acknowledgment. 

"The authors acknowledge the University of Texas at San Antonio Proteomics & Protein Biomarkers Core for support during this work."

"The authors would like to thank Dr. FirstName LastName (Proteomics & Protein Biomarkers Core, University of Texas at San Antonio) for their support."

New User Access

*Non-UTSA includes UT-System/In-Network, Higher-Ed/Non-Profit, & Commercial/For-Profit customers.




Name Role Phone Email Location
Wendell Griffith
Core Technical Director
(210) 458-5180
BSE 1.104N

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