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UTSA Stem Cell Core


Overview of Services

The Stem Cell Core offers five basic services that function independently but can also be combined for larger projects.

  • Isolation and Cryopreservation of Cells from Adult Tissues: The Core isolates fibroblasts, PBMCs or other cell types from donor samples and cryopreserves these for future use.
  • Reprogramming of Adult Tissues to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: The Core receives samples from investigators and reprograms these using non-integrating vector systems resulting in footprint free iPSCs. These samples can be any cell type and we have successfully reprogrammed cells from multiple species including humans, non-human primates and mice. Additionally, we provide a full suite of quality control options to ensure that the iPSCs produced are of the highest quality.
  • Gene Editing of Pluripotent Stem Cells: The Core designs and carries out gene editing of pluripotent stem cells using CRISPR/CAS9. These services include, in silico design of guide RNAs and homologous damage repair templates, validation of enzymatic cutting efficiencies, transfection of reagents into the cells, clonal selection of modified cells and quality control for maintenance of the pluripotent phenotype.
  • Custom Research Utilizing Pluripotent Stem Cells and their Differentiated Progeny: The Core designs and carries out custom research for investigators who do not have the experience or the infrastructure necessary to complete these experiments. These involve production of 2D and 3D differentiated cells or testing of small molecules and other reagents for biological effect or toxicity.
  • Consultation and Training: The Core provides consultation on any area of pluripotent stem cell research and training in all technologies described above.

Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The University of Texas at San Antonio
One UTSA Circle
Science and Engineering Building
San Antonio, TX 78249

Core Policies

Lab Safety Training:

Required to enter the facility:

  • SA433.01 - Hazard Waste Communication and Lab Safety
  • SA401- Hazardous Waste Generator
  • SA483 - Researcher Biological Safety and Bloodborne Pathogens

Core Acknowledgment 

If you obtain data for your manuscript from use of or with the Stem Cell Core, please use the following examples to help format your acknowledgment. 

"The authors acknowledge the University of Texas at San Antonio Stem Cell Core for support during this work."

"The authors would like to thank Dr. Christopher Navara (Stem Cell Core, University of Texas at San Antonio) for technical support."



Name Role Phone Email Location
Christopher Navara
Scientific Director
(210) 458-6497
SEB 4.178
Li-Hua Yen
Core Staff
(210) 458-6552
SEB 4.166
Meghan Pairett
Core Staff
(210) 458-6552
SEB 4.166

Service Item List

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